Sleep at the G – help put youth homelessness to bed!

Support our Team and help put Youth homelessness to bed!

Ten of our staff will be fundraising for this great cause. On 16 May 2019 they will be ‘sleeping at the G’ – the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Yarra Park. They will receive a cardboard box for the night, and basic soup-kitchen fare, no Netflix, no hot bath, no couch, fridge or stove.


Can you imagine being a teenager with no safe place to call home?

Being homeless is traumatic – and often dangerous. Yet it’s the reality for over 6 000 young people in Victoria right now. They have no secure place of their own, and are often forced into unsafe housing, sleeping on someone’s couch – or in some cases, out on the street.

This is your chance to do something about it!

Support our Team – All the money they raise by your donation will support the 6000 people that are currently homeless in Victoria!

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